Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement

Wisdom of Solomon

Is there any PROPONENT of SO laws that can produce EMPIRICAL research data from a reputable source, e.g., a major university study, a criminal justice committee findings, or from a researcher like Dr. Ellman, Dr. Levenson, Dr Tweksbury to support their contention that there is a high recidivism rate among registered citizens? If you do have such data please submit same to this site for vetting. Contracting, for the past 15 or so years I have been reading the findings of certain major universitites, criminal justice committees, especially the US Department of Justice, the findings of Drs. Ellman, Levenson and Tweksbury on the issue of there being a high recidivism rate for registered citizens and absolutely none of these studies have concluded there to be any such thing. For me this begs the question: Just where is it that proponents of SO laws get their information to support their contention of a high recidivism rate??? Or who are they getting it from and why don’t publish their finding(s) and the source(s)??? If proponents cannot produce such information then it is highly irresponsible and immoral for them to continue this farce. Hell, to be fair and balanced, if proponents can produce such information, I myself might be persuaded to join their cause—not likely, but at least I will understand their thinking. But again, for proponents to just put this contention out there so that they can continue to ruin peoples lives without proof, without trial, without being able to confront their accuser is just plain flat out wrong!!! So buck up proponents, once and for all, put your cards (proof) on the table.