Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law


Folks, a mark on your passport is the least of your worries if the right to travel means anything at all to you, and it should even if you don’t plan to travel. Many people travel on a whim, but if you’re a registered citizen, you will NOT be travelling on a whim. Are you aware of what is required of you before you can board a plane, or a cruise ship, or even cross the border in your automobile? IML requires a 21 day notice before you travel internationally. You will furnish all kinds of information about your proposed travel that you might not even know at the time that you report all this to your local registering authority. You will give your government information that, quite frankly, is none of its damn business; date of departure, flight number, where you are going to be staying, who you are visiting, contact information of who you will be visiting, where you will be staying, and the biggest outrage of all, when you will return, your flight number and date, and where you will depart from. I don’t know about you, but if I was making such a trip, I would not want to have my return date set so far in advance as 3 weeks before I leave. I’ve heard that when you return to the states, you will be intercepted at customs, detained, and interrogated as to what you did abroad. AND, one little bit of inaccurate information, such as your date of departure, can result in Federal charges against you. So, if you are a RSO, you will not be making any emergency trips overseas. And your itinerary will be planned to the last minute detail 3 weeks before you leave.
Even if you know you will never ever leave the United States, this outrage cannot stand. I have already made a contribution to the RSOL legal fund, and I will likely make an even larger donation in the near future.
Our government has lost its infernal mind!!!