Reply To: Is prison abuse just part of a sex offender’s sentence?

Kelly D Jordan

There was a time in Oregon when an entire complex of one of the prisons was set aside for sex offenders.
No one had any safety problems, staff was relaxed.
No one eas robbed, beaten or raped.

Treatment began when you arrived in the complex. SO’s prepared the food served in that complex so no food tampering. Cantern arrived in sealed bags.

Everyone utilized the yard and rec, library, chapel and counseling.

It was what a correctional institution was made to be. It worked extremely well.

So much so that the state DOC decided to discontinue it and shuffle all SO’s back to general population.

Now everyone went to other places and had to show their facesheet and charges.
No more flying under the radar.

Total disaster by Oregon DOC.

Lots of damage done.