Reply To: NARSOL gears up to challenge Int’l Megan’s Law


Tod Siegel

Thank you for acknowledging the other cases that are in need of your help beyond IML, for those who criticize that decision, I suggest stepping back and understanding that although this fight is for the passport stamp and IML specifically, WHEN (if) they win, the implications will be felt in SO many other areas, including drivers licenses, and possibly the registry. All these cases that everyone is fighting have far reaching affects – win we win (just like the 6th circuit), and when we lose (just like in the OK case). Having some of the best minds together as a team, and hopefully the reach out to others as well (which I am sure they will) gives us the best chance to win. The one thing I thought I had at least some freedom was to use my passport, with IML and the other laws, the US has tried to create international law from fear, making it so other countries ban us from traveling there. With this stamp, it will make things even worse, not only for travel, but just like on a DL, when you check into a hotel, etc, your passport is your ID internationally. We need to END this before it gets worse – and yes, it can get worse, Australia just created a law that essentially strips all RSO’s of their passport completely. So we may be banned from some countries (but plenty we can still travel too), and the stamp will suck even more – but before it gets to how it is in Australia, lets do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen and even more, END IML!!!

Thank you NARSOL for everything you do – if you ever need a plaintiff, please contact me, and would be happy to do anything.