Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement


Folks now I am really pissed… I just for the first time since my conviction back in 2012 and it says communicating with a minor….. and the detective said you thought….what man knows another man’s thought? and than they add more stuff like traveling down.. Lies from government… its all a bunch of money just like these driver licenses.
Like JB said sure its been oppressing on all that are walking thru this.
If these texting things were real teen agers I could understand a bit about justification but actually its a money con like these licenses.
All this sex offense thing may be a good gun battle for all but even when your in a gun battle you don’t back down, even if they are the law. I wonder if they induct sex offenders or gay people in the Army who knows these days. Isn’t there Motto take all you can instead of give all you can to the U. S. Government oops that’s Army.