Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement


It appears to me that those of us who understand the extent to which individual rights and opportunities are oppressed for life by the sex offender registry laws and post incarceration monitoring by probation officers, could be more effective at orchestrating improvements to these laws. I believe coast-to-coast improvements could be accomplished by getting together the best minds from the various separate organizations which are promoting changes to these oppressive laws. The results would be a paper submitted to the Sentencing Commission, The paper would focus on the cost/benefit relationship of the current laws. The paper would demonstrate how millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent for very little, if any, benefit to communities of America. Such demonstrations would be supported by cost data collected from cities and states and from the DOJ. Further, there are several reputable studies which would demonstrate the low rate of recidivism. In view of the fact that the Sentencing Commission files a report to Congress every year, our voices might be heard. Please do not take this to mean that the efforts being made now are wasted. They are not being wasted. Keep up the good work. Just add to it.