Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement


Well stated Art.
Keep in mind all registrants still have the opportunity to defend themselves publicly in REGISTRATION VIOLATION CASES!
Doing so may result in conviction, but your protest is heard! AND collateral evidence is permissible. I am 1-1.

IF NARSOL is looking for the right case? 92CR7742WIS STATE OF V. TIMOTHY D LAWVER. I PLEAD NOT GUILTY to the complaint and retained my rights – (those vulnerable to plea bargain waiver). DUE PROCESS to contest the civil law.
Using the state courts for exculpatory discovery on a case by case basis is the fastest way to direct appeal. Other evidence including state law in black and white, including demands for DNA DATABASE ACCESS & comparison. These inroads have been laid by Barry Schek over at innocence project .org. 6083638553.