Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement

Tod Siegel

First question, Because this was such a bad loss, is there any chance will it go to SCOTUS?

What I am learning is that ‘good effort’ can create BAD law, when someone challenges these kinds of terrible state laws, rulings like this can have major, lasting affects on many areas – IML/Passports for one, and two, since this is the 10th Circuit Court, which is currently hearing the appeal on Judge Matsch’s ruling on the registy, looks like it could potentially cause major damage to any chance of winning either of these cases. Yes, there are going to be ‘setbacks’ more than steps forward, but to me, this sounds a lot worse than a minor ‘setback’ – to me, based on what I am learning about how our courts work, this essentially put the stamp on our passports, and I don’t see how they don’t over turn the district ruling based on what they said about the safety of the community. I think I read that ‘we must change’ not the judges – Per Robin – Absolutely. Perhaps not impossible, but improbable (sorry Robin, IMPOSSIBLE now) on IML – did the attorney on this not realize the impact on everyone when they presented this HIGH risk case? As in what would happen if they LOST? I want to get off the registry based on Matsch’s ruling, but was clearly told that yes, we can take it to a state judge here in CO, but in the likely case he says no – it creates bad law, which is what just happened. We can learn, but what I just learned is that because of this case, I will now have to have a stamp on my passport – now and as long as I have to register (or longer?). I am sorry to be so blunt, but to hear terrible news like this makes me angry, and lose what little hope I had. I appreciate the hard work that goes into to these truly impossible situations, and hope that what is learned can help the improbable become possible. It seemed like there was some good momentum, ugh, but this just killed it. I am so sad, it is not as bad in CO as it is in OK, but it is getting to the time to consider moving out of the country to somewhere I can truly be free.