Reply To: Is prison abuse just part of a sex offender’s sentence?


Joseph McQuiston

It’s a catch 22 with these situations. I’ve been twice with the SO rap. The first time was an iffy circumstance. Second time was pure lies. I’m no stranger to the persecution. Fortunately I had friends that could send me altered online lookups so I didn’t have to worry. They were credible. So that saved me plenty of times. But, there’s one thing you should remember. And that is no matter what happens and no matter the situation, if you know you’re between a rock and a hard place in there and the guards won’t lift a finger, you’re gonna have to put up a fight. Stay out of cliques, politics, and keep to yourself. In a worst case scenario, fight like hell. Because trust me, one day, that will count. When you gotta face the bear, do everything you have to do. When it comes to you, balls up and go Wild West. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. There is no mercy to some for SOs. Don’t give them any neither.