Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement

obvious answers

As I have said before. The sex offender registry is not about safety and never has been and it will never be defeated by rational means since it is not rational.
If you honestly think you will “defeat this by rational arguments in court” You really are funny.. This wont be defeated by rational measures any more then the blacks were able to remove of the sun down laws and jim crow laws by rational means..
I understand this post is honest and factual so it most likly will either be deleted or hidden but on the off chance someone really wants a real solution and understands that the registry is just the start of an evil much larger and much more encompassing look up what was really happening during the civil rights movement..What was the real cause they corrupted government finally decided to “do the right thing”..
As a thought congress has a 15 mill and a 17 mill slush fund of tax payer money to cover their criminal sexual conducts..GB can go on television and shed a tear pass a few mill and cover his groping, and well lets not even talk about the clintons eh? Anyone think if they were forced to follow the same laws as the rest of us maybe those laws might change?…. good question isn’t it?