Reply To: Tenth Circuit COA upholds Oklahoma driver’s license requirement


In Louisiana EVERYONE on the registry has to have their ID marked “sex offender.” So when I go to the doctor, check in to a hotel, rent an air compressor or buy a lotto ticket, I have to throw my past conviction into the conversation and this is supposed to keep others safe from me. I’ve have to show my ID on many occasions when my young daughter and/or niece is standing next to me. Believe me, Ive often wondered how my kids may be treated unfairly because the establishment knows their mother/aunt is a sex offender. Because parents have to pull out a picture ID way more often than most realize. When they register at the YMCA for basketball or get their teeth cleaned, are people looking down in me because of my label? Does it make the community any safer knowing that the woman who ordered wine that’s sitting at the table with kids and her husband of 15 years has been convicted of a sex offense?

Additionally, Inhave to get (and pay for) a brand new sex offender license AND a state ID every year…..everyone else simply renews every 4-5 years. ($28 for a license every four years and no need for sesperate ID card vs. $224 for me over 4 years) We are the only “citizens” returned or not who are required to have both forms of ID (if we are drivers.) So not only is this license branding a total act of relentless shaming, it’s also a sweet source of extra income for the state.