cindy stewart

I am so glad I found this group. My son was wrongly accused in 2009. I sat in fear of what would happen next and wondered if this is happening to others. My son too had his life ruined by tabloid and internet accusations and then there was you don’t have to register but your are registered after the plea agreement. I know the hell we went thru for 2 years because she said stop and it took him a minute, It really opened my eyes to a new world and one of injustice. Yes we have to change the perception of exactly what is a sex offender in today’s courts and once you have served your time and are a responsible citizen you shouldn’t have to bear the scarlet letter or a yoke around your neck. So love that these lawyers are stepping up to make a difference. It’s time alot of lawyers stepped up and coached these house of reps and senators in each state how to write these laws so one shoe doesn’t fit all. Thanks for all you do!!