Reply To: NARSOL on the radio


Irene Rubio

This is so true on the sex offender issues,they are doing time for what they have done bad,why do we have to keep punishment going? They have to register and a lot of jobs will not hire them.They are people, not monsters and it is harder for them to get released,but instead a person whom killed someone is more likely to be released. I have met sex offenders and they are regular people,here in Texas they have them in Civil Commitment,which has intentions to never Releasing these men.Its like Family is being Punished again. Civil Commitment needs to be stop and it’s costing a lot of money to us Tax payers.The facility is a Secret Prison and there is no release Date. They have those men who go thru a tier program for counseling ,yet no amount of time,it’s until they feel needed. There are always different case workers,which with a new worker,means the men have to start over. Civil Commitment is in Littlefield and it’s a Treatment facility and is run by ex Warden and Ex Prison Guards. I hope that place gets closed down,it is a Large amount of Cost on us Tax payers. It’s a waste of Money. Senator Whitmore is involved in running the place,but it has no release time,it’s Unconstitutional. Thank you.