Reply To: Is prison abuse just part of a sex offender’s sentence?


Irony is right, that’s such a double standard, being raped by people who hate SO’s and don’t like rapists. So when they do that then their automatically an SO just not registered if ever due they got clean away with it, I think if the guards didn’t take care of it properly I would think you should sue their asses off big time, like you said Meastro your in their custody and their responsibil for your well being, that’s just ridiculous that that happens anymore, maybe back when Alcatraz was open but nowadays stuff needs to be handled of course.
I am being a little hipacritical because I was shoved into a wall and physically assaulted by a guard and dealt with neck pain for weeks due to a guard abusing his power, I wasn’t disobedaying him or anything he just had it out for SO’s, he would torment me as well, so needless to say I never sued due to I didn’t want media to get wind of it, plus I was warned by other inmates that this guard actually went outside prison walls searching for SO’s that surved time there and assaulted them, once I was released I moved hours away to a halfway house because I was homeless due to drug addiction.