Reply To: Is prison abuse just part of a sex offender’s sentence?


Oh my gosh Sandy here I’m giving you and Robin thumbs up & hi fives and than you have a bloody scene from pyscho on here. We’ll at least you waited till after Thanksgiving to do this article review.
Sure I have been in jail in my youth and growing up. I don’t like jail and from what the guys told me in jail you never want to go to prison. I don’t wish prison on anyone jail can be bad enough and I’m sure if one gets wind that one is a sex offender tension’s brew with cell mates and it can really blow out of control and I’m sure all people are human and will (try) to cover their butts as even people in government places do.
Yes prison can be one of the dark sides of this whole sex offender ordeal. I was watching some of the NARSOL video’s of Josh Graves and Dr Steven. Davidson, the great injustice of our great nsation, plus listening to Larry on the Radio station & yes we all need to still inform those as that they are no better than us and in many ways discriminate the sex offender more so than any other type of crime. It it like inhuman war of a justice league that has taken to many voages to the bottom of the sea
Spending 15 or so yrs. in prison is no good. Being on probation is bad enough for some but speaking up for truth and justice never hurts. I would say half of those in Government circles don’t really understand the love of the bible and they don’t show mercy in a lot of these sex offender ordeals. I believe we all know the picture to a lot of this sex offender bull crap.