Reply To: Is prison abuse just part of a sex offender’s sentence?



“ The irony in the situation is that, while a reporter for A Current Affair, McCormick was instrumental in exposing sit-com star Robert Hughes and for Hughes’ subsequent trial, conviction, and incarceration for child sexual abuse”

Irony, yes. Surprising, no.
Not knowing the age of the alleged “victims” in either situation (I do not see people over 15 but under 18 as “children”) I’m going to say this;
The prisoners who attack other prisoners that are incarcerated on sex convictions would, at the drop of a hat, also commit a sex crime if they had the opportunity to. Everything from having sex with a drunk woman at a house party (no one seems to see this as rape when they’re doing it), to raping their own girlfriends/wives to raping a stranger because they’ve been incarcerated for so long that their sex drive is shooting through the roof upon their release.

Prisoners are just as hypocritical as the public who vocally convict us over and over again.
Just like you have a person who exposed another person for sex crimes turning around and committing a sex crime himself.
The dads out there who say they’d break the legs of a man who touches their daughters will be the ones to touch SOMEONE ELSE’S daughter.

There’s the irony. But in no way is it a surprise.