Reply To: International Travel


I just returned from my trip to Cancun and have some very promising news for those that are looking to de-register or will one day be off the registry.

My offense was possession of child pornography. I completed deferred adjudicated probation in 2011. I completed the de-registration program in the state of Texas in January of 2016. I’ve been of the registry ever since.

I was pretty confident there would be no travel notification sent since I’m no longer on the registry, but I was still worried because Mexico has stated that those “convicted of a serious crime” could still be refused.

I gave myself about a 50/50 shot of getting into Mexico and was literally terrified of being turned away. However, once getting there and going through immigration, it couldn’t have gone smoother. The officer scanned my passport and looked at the computer screen for about 5 seconds (the longest 5 seconds of my life) and then quickly stamped my passport. It was a great week in Cancun.

I have also read a lot of horror stories of people being detained on re-entry into the US, but that went without a hitch also. There was no mention of my previous crime and the whole process took no longer than a few minutes.

I searched far and wide for someone in a similar situation and could never find anyone. I hope this information is useful and gives some of you hope that not all is lost.