Reply To: NARSOL on the radio


Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Since all of us are going into the holiday season let us try to make the best of this situation we all are in. Yes, I did catch Larry’s interviewm which I hope a lot of you all did on the radio program that was brocasted the other night. He was very informative about the delimna that the sex offender has to endure plus some of the general guidelines that the one on probation or parole has to endure. My hope is that this enlightens some that are facing this encounter and gives a more general ideal to the general public about these devilish ordeals.
While Larry mentioned “power play” that is basically what it is. Even these little sting operations on the computer are power plays. They are enticing to say the least, its a mouse trap type of game, they are presenting, in a sexual flirtish type of way a type of fun in the sun pleasure to draw one in and enslave in these types of ordeasl. The main goal is to get one down to meet and than to trap that teenager or adult in this deceptive game of cat and mouse. Whether you have the worse potty mouth or not that’s not really the point. Why would a person be on an adult chat site if they didn’t have some sort of sexual inclination or spicy chat, and yes they do record all this.
As far as kids having sex with each other and the mother who wants to protect her child or teenage daughter and than founds out about the situation, its the mother that appears to notify police. It would seem that the mother is more over protective and doesn’t realize that informing those in authority about this sexual relationship of the overage boy and underage girl having sex can bring reprocusions which tarnish for life. Actually they should reconcile this out first before going to police authorities. Yet they will give a person a gun at 18 or whatever age and tell you to go out and kill the enemy in times of war and that’s legel. Compare this with the sex offender. One has morals or situations. Setting one up and the boy and girl not being responsible are two different aspects. No one should be branded for life. Now in the case of stealing babies or down right rape and killing that is entirely a different seneiro
Most of this sex offender issue is common sense. If two people want to do something than that is their choice, notice I did n’t say decision, but it is also a responsibly and of course government see money in all this which is one of the factors as a lot of governments are evil and greedy. Even the bible says dare go to court in front of the unjust. Sure they will monitor one and give you all types of restrictions as the courts seem to want control as Larry mentioned in these sex offender issues, it appears that people don’t want to work together with others. Their is no human love in any of this which is sad at times so we all need to speak up. Nobody is better than the other person.
I am glad that Larry brought this to the attention of a lot of us on the registry and hopefully the general public will understand a bit more of this ordeal.