Reply To: Defining terms. What exactly is “sexual misconduct” and who decides?


Tod you are in certain aspects about this “Hoilier than thou” thing. I’ll keep my mustard seed faith. God to have faith in something thesed days. I don’t like sexual harassment but than we talk about the lesser of the two evils. Actually their is not a just man upon the face of the earth that doeth good and sinneth not. That mean’s woman also.
Me and this lady had a discussion earlier this summer about Eve eating the fruit. Every since women have wanted to be the domiant force. Don’t get me wrong I like women and yes their cool and can be good companions at times but its all about relationships.
Now this sexual harassment thing or sexually offending is a bit to much. Do women want some type of revenge, tarnish one’s name, or speak out like the women’s lib movement which I wasn’t to impressed with Helen Redding. Sure we all have rights but women are just as bad as men. You can find that out in the bible. Samson and Deliah, David & Basheba, and those Jebezel women that ploted and planed to overthrow their man.
Why don’t some of these women just learn to bury the hatchet and forgive but since sex is the more spicy topic of today with the sex offenders, and what’s an offender… is it some type of physical or just someone saying kiss my grits as flow would say.
So is sexual misconduct teetering on the same line as sexual harrassment?