No, I’m not a robot but unfortunately when it comes to the general public they are fed information like robots and that becomes the premise of their believe. Their belief system has been built upon fear instilled by media, authorities and law enforcement that have labeled us the lepers of the 21st century. They are given placebos that are said to be a cure, a safety net to keep children safe when in fact none of the restrictions, laws, or the registry are effective in protecting anyone. They feed the public false security by making them think if they move registered citizens far enough away, families are now safe. They use fear mongering to roil hatred and rejection. The general public need education to truly understand. With knowledge they can arm themselves with truth and whatever means necessary and, God willing, rid themselves of the cancer of hate and fear. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage awareness and caution to keep children and all others safe but keeping in mind the registered citizen is a human being too. Yes, we all have fallen short but most want to give back something but the opportunity is elusive. I will once again reiterate my own belief: if a registered citizen is harmed or, God forbid, killed as a result of the information supplied by the registry, the state aids and abets in any crime that derives solely from that information. We who have done our time and have true remorse just want to live but we can’t. We have a life sentence with the registry.