Reply To: Defining terms. What exactly is “sexual misconduct” and who decides?

Tod siegel

I find it so amazing, especially with these holier than thou, evangelical Christians, are now coming to the defense of Roy Moore basically saying that in the Bible, it is OK for an adult to have sex with a teenage girl. They are going as far as saying that is how Jesus was created, God impregnating a young teen girl. Then you have the other evangelical anti-gay Christians getting caught in office with another man. I don’t know how, but changing the definitions, backing off on the extreme treatment of anyone accused or convicted of a sexual crime has to happen. We have a man that is supposed to be our president, who openly admitted to assaulting girls while in a position of trust, young teen girls, yet those Who ignorantly voted for this man, just put an offender in office has the most powerful man in the world. If there are not double standards before, there is now. Do you think some of these Republicans, and our president should have a stamp on their passport?