Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct


People I have to tell you things are not all that bad. Sure I never wanted to get mixed up in all this but sometimes like one guy told me sometimes we all learn a hard lesson. I wish I still had my mom and dad at times but we do the best we can with what resorces we have. Yes I have tro give a hi five to NARSOL as they are fightening for you and for me.
Sure it saddens’ me about a lot of this but when you let things get you down you have to build yourself up and at times that takes patience.Courts actually don’t know what to do if you really think about it, and I don’t like to think as that overloads what brain I have. Sure we can all exchange stories about getting caught up in all this but we all need to think about the other person or that kid that got caught up having sex at 19 with some 15 yr. old gal and is on a lifetime registry or that person that exchanged nude pictures to some gal over the an adult internet chat or those e-mails one gets to coax one into talking to some good time charlie’s angel. Remember Charlie’s angels were detective’s and can set that weak person up in a minute.
Like maestro said on here its all about money. Yes most of my savings is gone to the state to pay this mischarage of Justice. NARSOL and WOW and a few others are trying to work with all these courts and even let the general public know that a lot of this isn’t right.
Don’t they still have sex education back in Jr. high even warnings posted on the internet or ad’s like they did in the drug culture? Even smokey the bear has a warning about preventing forest fires. How much more better is a bear speaking than a human? Courts sometimes don’t want to listen but we all have to stand up and enlighten those that think we are some type of throw away’s. We are people.