Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Just a friendly clarification. The previous registry known as Megans Law III did not expire. It was found to be unconstitutional in Commonwealth vs. Newman. Basically in Pa, when they introduce s new bill in the General Assembly it can have only one subject. They tried to log roll it. Basically they had 3 separate issues they wanted pass but didn’t have the votes for it. So they combine the 3 subjects into one, and pass it. Pretty smart but also very illegal in Pa. Thst is why they are fighting so hard. They didn’t care about the Neiman decision when it came down in 2013 becuase they thought we can also hit them with AWA retroactively. Thanks to Muniz, they cannot do that anymore.
I still remember the day I got the letter in the mail. I tossed it to the side becuase I was like this doesn’t apply to be I have already been sentenced. Luckly for me, my neighbor is a cop and told me it did apply to me. I was SO MAD when I found that out. I said but that’s illegal!!
My friend said, until a judge says so, not it is not.