Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Maybe this is a stupid question, but as soon as you log onto the NARSOL webpage today (11/19/17) it has breaking news, NARSOL files amicus brief in an Illinois case. Does anyone know if NARSOL is planning on filing one in the Muniz case? Do they have to wait until after Muniz’s lawyers file their brief? This is my first post, even though I have been reading everything for months, and I have high hopes about getting relief. I was convicted in 2010 and put on 10 years with 1 x a year in person reporting. In 2012 I was changed to 25 years and put on 2x a year in person reporting. From what it sounds like I should easily be able to get back to 10 years 1x a year reporting… but may even get off the registry completely because the previous registry laws expired. HOW any of that will happen early without the kindness (LMAO) of the PSP doing their job well I don’t know because I’m not a legal guy and our family is just making it with absolutely no extra money for a lawyer… but we are happy and well and enjoying life but would just prefer to have the registry thing no longer dangling over our heads.