Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct


Maestro, actually most of us shouldn’t be on the registry. Sure I know sense when someone’s “pumping me” Yes PO officers like to do that.. Now this amicus thing is a way that they can weed around all this issue as government don’t have the answer themselves. I feel for those that had to go to jail or prison that are involved in some of this ordeal.

I remember when I got wrapped up in this whole mess 5 yrs. ago I told the detective straight up when he said you thought you were talking to a girl. I said you don’t even know my thoughts. Sure I had a potty mouth. Should I have said sure I’ll be right down and I’ll even come to your house and bring rubbers show you some dirty pictures things of that nature, see all that was a ploy. Second night while I was on the site they were the one’s that interrupted me as I was talking to someone else.. The main thing was to get me down there. I hesitated going down there but they called me up and wanted to know if I was coming down there and even thought I wanted to back out and I told them on the phone they reassured me. My conditions when I went down there was no sex. So they got me for attempted to travel to meet a minor.
We were meeting in the park but she had suggested I come to the house which was a dead give away. I know what they were up to but still even after the phone call as I was traveling down their and asked to back out they reassured me what could happen we are meeting in the park and the rest is history.
Yes they want to protect and serve but in certain scenario’s that is not the best way. Even the bible says’ try the spirit and just look at how many commandments they broke and I ask him if he was a Christian. The detective finely told me he was when I was going into see the judge. Would you call that justice or a cheap form of justice?
Sure I was scared as everybody else and took a plea deal or bargain. I didn’t really want to but at the time I didn’t quite know how to go about all this and needed more understanding about others are coping with all this.
but something good comes out of something bad and to this day I don’t know why some courts want to pass the buck so to speak. Getting one’s house is good but I think the government needs to do a bit of house cleaning today.