Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct


Who know’s the thoughts of man. Yeal tony you are right. Fustration & stress can bring you down quick & yes it can be a killer if one lets it. Have we all not done wrong? Everybody in the USA has in one way or another. Sure this sex offender stuff can get one down and yes sometimes we do get a little violation here and their but seldom does the courts give one second chances but its up to you how you live your life.
It appears today with this sex offense thing or this sex offender ordeal those in government are quick to draw their two edged sword, whether they set you up on the net or you were playing house with some gal you didn’t know her actual age or you groaped someone or didn’t. The point is people don’t seem to want to forgive and forget, they either want some compensation out of it, tarnish one’s reputation, or be some viglantie type of person.
Are women just as bad as men? Sure court system’s try to settle it all out but a lot of this issue on the lives of thousands of people all over the USA of being on the registry for life is a hinderance and yes it is a bit shameful. Are not we suppose to respect all people… of course I sleep most of the time in my Government and civic’s classes but American History should set an example for all. Sure what do these people want that are accusing Government officials as groaping and other things. Shoot is sex is more powerful than telling a white lie than we are all sinnners. I know we all have our ups and down moments and sometimes need our space too. Why can’t we all learn to live together or come together like the beatles said.