Dr. Bob

Your right! Sadly, it is true that for many people on the registry it seems no matter what positive things they do post conviction much of society only views them through the lens of their offense. However, as is also proven true (over and over again) those who condemn the loudest and often from a position of self righteousness are hiding similar and even more egregious sins. Just look at some of the recent revelations of various Law Makers, Hollywood elites, and others. “You are prone self-righteously to judge others for the very same sins that you commit.” (Romans 2:1). The good news is that while good people can and do bad things, all are worthy of forgiveness and a second chance. People can and do change and lawmakers and society would be better served if politicians and prison officials focused more on rehabilitation (than punishment) by helping people take responsibility for their actions and providing help and tools the offender needs to become a productive member of society when he or she is eventually released.