Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct


Tony from Long Island,

“It appears to me that you still do very much need some sort of therapy. Your frustration and anger seem to be eating you alive.”

I do not need therapy, Tony. What I need is to be off of probation.
When I was nearing the end of my marriage, my (ex) wife and I got into a heated argument that turned almost physical with only a few things being thrown at me (by her) but no ‘hands on’ contact.
My wife, at the time, was still waiting for her GREENCARD approval. And we both knew that marriage was going to hell in a hand bag really fast.
Her cousin who lived in NJ had put the bug in my wife’s ear that if she says I was abusive to her – INSTANT GREENCARD! So guess what….
I ended up on probation with a promise to divorce her and go our separate ways.
That probation was a piece of cake. No need for travel permits, no being told where I cannot go, not even being told that I cannot date women again (ya know, because I apparently abused the wife). The only thing my PO wanted to know is if I had any contact with her which I did not nor wanted to.

Then I met the underage teen. I had NO IDEA of the conditions of ‘sex offender’ probation until AFTER I took the plea. Then I was given a copy of the conditions I’d have to follow once I was released. Too much, too little, too late.

But unlike what you mentioned about YOUR situation, I did not chase after teenagers* , I hooked up with ONE and only ONE teenager in my entire adult life.
Probation treats EVERYONE as if we are HABITUAL offenders. Funny how I can move on to date or marry other women (being that I’m such an abuser of women) but hooking up with 1 teenager means I cannot be sexually stimulated by printed/video materials, can’t live too close to a school, can’t go to a mall or movie or festival (without someone close to me that has been approved by probation), etc, etc, etc.
So tell me, how can the state that prosecuted me admit and recognize to the court that the relationship was consensual, albeit illegal, but somehow I’m a threat to the entire world at large for that but I’m not a threat to the safety of any grown woman who dates me if I’m such an abusive partner/husband? I guess the state and the dept of probation doesn’t really care about everyone , eh?
I’d my point any clearer now?