Reply To: The sex offender registry: a many-headed monster


We all agree there is no doubt it is cruel and unusual punishment. The fact that a murderer can pay his debt be forgiven and Move On freely with his life and a kid who makes a stupid mistake can never pay his debt or be forgiven or MoveOn is wrong. The fact that it Does not stop with the offender but it affects the offenders children’s life. 90% of a child’s life until they’re 18 is school and the offender can never participate in their children’s school life which sets those kids up for failure,fear, harassment etc. .We all talk about changing the law how exactly do we literally do that. What is step one step two step three? I know we need to write letters to our legislature but it seems in this day and age social media is what makes changes,moves minds, and influences politicians. how do we get this in the forefront of social media nonstop? Is there a group that we can go enmasse to our legislature?