Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



When I first heard sbodit Muniz The Megan’s Law Secrion of PSP told me it would affect 5,000 sex offender. Then it was 10,000. Now, it’s 17,000. Before we are done it will be 100,000,000.
Once Law enforcement is given a certain power, they do not like to give it up. Each justice knows how the game is played. Getting 4 judtice’s to agree to hear the case is going to be tough. As far as their Smith vs Doe argument, that one was killed when SCOTUS denied Snyder. That case was exactly on point wilts all 9 judtices sitting and they still refused to hear the case.
they said that The Pa Supreme Court did not articulate an adequate state law. Umm, the Pa Constitution is not adequate???
As far as scaring the Court with fear of sex offenders, that is exactly what North Carolina tried to do in Packkngjam vs North Carolina.