Reply To: “A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid


When you consider the idiocy of how most, if not all, states do this, example:

1) Billy commits a sexual offense of some type on February 1, 1988 and is later senteneced to 10 years probation, to be completed on January 31, 1998. Billy is marred and have three children in public school.

2) Bob commits the exact same sexual offense two days later on February 3, 1988 and is also sentenced to 10 years probation, to be completed on February 2, 1998. Bob is also married and has three children in public school.

A few months earlier, in September 1987, before either man made the same mistake, the state legislature passed a PROSPECTIVE (as compared to ‘retroactive’) statute stating that anyone who commits the specified offense on or after February 2, 1988…OR…is still incarcerated or still on supervision on or after February 2, 1988 for the specified offense, qualifies to be designated as a sexual offender and will be subject to registration and public notification for life.

Billy will have completed his sentence just one day before the statute takes affect, thus avoiding the sex offender designation. He will never have to register as a sex offender. His mugshot will never be in the local newspaper. The police will never come by to verify he still lives at the same address. He can take his kids to the park and attend all their school functions and none of the other parents will be none the wiser. He will never have to report to the shefiff’s office 1 to 4 times per year. And the soccer mom with 4 small children who lives next door will never know what Billy, even though he coaches her child’s soccer team and her kids spend the night at his house with his children.

Bob, on the other hand, who committed the exact same offense just two short days after Billy, will have missed the mark by just one day, and his life and name will be forever ruined.

Even had Billy and Bob committed the exact same offense on the exact same day (February 1, 1988) but, while Billy only got ten years probation, Bob got 10 years and 1 day probation, to be completed ON February 2, 1998, the date the statute went into effect, his life and name is ruined.

How many tens of thousands of Billy’s are walking around free, with their deeds unknow to their neighbors and rest of the world, simply because they beat a deadline, so to speak? When you think about it, by setting a DATE to enact a statute, whereby one man walks away unscathed by this scarlet letter and another man similar situated is destroyed as a result of missing the deadline, as it were, you realize the government has, in effect, determined that while both Billy and Bob committed the exact same offense, Billy is not a risk or threat to society whereas Bob is worthy of all the horrible, nightmarish restrictions and lifetime stigma that comes with being designated as a sexual offender.

Does this even make any sense???

Florida decided it would not make sex offender registration and public notification retroactive to tens of thousands of offenders who beat the deadline of September 1, 1997, wherein those men and women had completed their sentence before then and were not on any type of supervision on or after that date. Those people are still living all around us and going about their lives as usual. They’re living next door to single mom, Suzy, and her five children. They’re attending church with Suzy and her children, sitting on the same church pews and maybe even teaching Sunday School. They’re driving the school bus that picks up Suzy’s kids every morning. They’re coaching Suzy’s kids in soccer or basketball. They’re the cashier at Toys ‘R Us where Suzy takes her kids to pick out birthday toys. They’re sitting on the bench at the park where Suzy’s kids are just a few feet away on the merry-go-round, and the list goes on. Yet, short of Suzy suspecting something about that man or woman, or making the effort out of her busy schedule to go down to the local courthouse to do some digging on her neighbors (if the record hasn’t been expunged or sealed), Suzy is clueless and unaware of all the Billy’s all around her and her children on a daily basis.

There is so much hypocrisy with all of this registraton nonsense and stupidity, it’s sickening. But, I am a firm believer in what goes around, comes around. Looks like the house of cards these self-serving, two-faced, hypocritical public servants built is now beginning to crumble down all around them as one after another the secrets and skeletons are coming into the light, exposing their sex crimes and indiscretions. You know who they are…they are the same ones (e.g., Al Franken, Bill Clinton) who judge others the harshest and the same ones who come up with laws to continuously punish RSO’s and, consequently, their families. It is all about DEFLECTING from their own dirty deeds taking place behind closed doors with a check in hand to keep their victims quiet…or so they thought. Even some in the Florida legislature are coming under attack as details of sordid sexual misdeeds, including a house rented out for their perverted, deviant acts, come to light. Makes me wonder now why SCOTUS declined to hear the Snyder case, after so many were certain they would take the case and rule against the RSO plaintiffs. Could it be that some sitting on the nation’s highest court are members of, or at least knowledgeable of, the now-exposed global pedophile ring catering to wealthy celebrity and political elitists? Have you ever wondered why so many kids can disappear off the street and only to be seen again on the back of a milk carton on a flyer hanging on a wall at your local Wal-Mart? Have you ever considered that just maybe this ring reaches right on down to your local mayor and sheriff? Consider: