Reply To: “A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid


Actually I’m glad all this is sort of opening up as you and also myself don’t want to have to go thru a lot of this, what do they call it, a lifetime on a registry. Sure we could all stand or just just give up on all this sex offender stuff, predator, of dirty old man stuff but it seems on a lot of this sex offender issue they are trying to “buff” one.
Now when government go overboard on all this somebody has to step up to the plate and say enough is enough.
“Leave those folks alone. Its like we all are another brick in the wall.
Yes safety is good and yes I do believe in justice. Are we all in a war of some kind. Back in the Vietnam says when you were drafted you either had two choices. Go to war or go to Canada . Now in war one kills, is this situation all any different after one has paid his or her time.
Or say who has the biggest potty mouth or who can act like Jethro Bodine, without getting out of line. Come on people who’s playing house and who’s under the covers still.
Sure age can be a factor in some instances but answer me this how old was David and Bathsheba. Now that might be a wrong way to compare but people do make errors even parents finding out about this and that and getting police involved. Like the Beatles said, we can work it out.
So I believe all this can work its way out. One didn’t murder anyone did they. Reconciling is the best way to work out anything.