Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I read the PSP brief and had to laugh. They sound like a kid who is going to lose something and is whining about it.
I paraphrase “If you don’t overturn Muniz, we have to let over 17000 people off our illegal listing scheme. Also SO will flock to Pa to get off the registry.” Maybe they should have thought of that before passing something illegal in the first place. This coupled with Neiman and the latest finding of unconstitutionally of the SVP process and the Pa Megan’s law is in the deep sh*ts. I have to ask, as I know people who are SVP’s. How does that ruling affect people who were already listed as such? Can they fight their SVP status based on that ruling? One of them is from my county and we did most of my time together in the same location. He was an inmate program facilitator in the SO block of that facility, and I had the unenviable task of doing the inmate personal laundry. It was a cushy job. I also know of someone who didn’t even have his SVP hearing until he was at his “home jail”. Just a couple of examples I can think of.