Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Thanks for being there to be able to talk to, yes I do lean on my wife and she also leans on me when we need each other, we are very supportive of one another as well.
Yes this will will be over eventually right, can’t wait for that day anyway. We shall know something in a few months then.
I don’t live in a which hunting area either Thank God I just have a couple ignorant neighbors who think they God or something, I used to be friends with them till they found out about me being on the registry, but hey the way I look at it is their the ones missing out because I know I am not a bad person and all the people I know know that as well, even the police know me and are very respectful. Chuck you are right why worry about this media crap it’s not like the whole neighborhood is going to find out about me because I’m sure everyone in a 50 square mile radius know about me and everyone else who’s on the registry. My employer did a background check after I was hired, of course they called me into the office and questioned me about it and I was honest with them and to this day I still have my job. Today was a good day all in all…
@ Cary
You have some good points also, I don’t live near a day care but have worked near them, I probably do now I just don’t know it, I don’t go out looking for them anyway, I have worked for McDonald’s as well, it was a fun place to work but didn’t pay well enough to make a living, I don’t do baby sitting though, my step daughter has a 2 year old and it’s hard dealing with terrible 2 so even if someone asked I would say no lol.