Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


So this is my prediction. Muniz will submit their reply brief by Dec 18 th and the Commonwealth will be given a deadline of Jan -5th but they will file and extension and be given untill Feb 8th. Sometime in late Feb early March we will have a conference. At which time cert. will be DENIED. It will take a month to push the paperwork from SCOTUS to Pa Supreme Court to the Attorney General to PSP. In April they will start taking people off the registry and will complete this in October
We only have another 91/2 to 10 months left guys. Again, this is just my OPINION.
When you consider you only interact with the registry from 1-4 times a year depending if you register once a year or every 3 months, another 10 months isn’t that much time left.
I suspect most of you will disappear untill it’s time for the reply brief. To those, have a good month see you then. To others, like me, who will stay, see you guys later on tonight!’