Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



Look I been on the registery since 1999. I was supposed to be off it 10 years later. By now I have grown so use to it and nothing has changed in my life. I had worked around kids in McDonald’s etc… I had lived near parks, schools, daycares etc… law does not apply to such where i live or go in my situation and did not break 1 law by it. Everyone i know knows that im on the registery and even all my neighbors. I have a healthy normal life without harrasments etc…. pretty much im well liked in my community. Infact i do babysitting here and there in my home. They know im a SO and not some monster. I have even gone to a school play here and there. None said anything to me and they all know me well. My community is not a witch hunt area. So im just letting all this SCOTUS, Muniz, etc…. ride out. I read all post here and skip some complaints on personal life on how bad they cant live life. Blah blah blah. I only read whats going on with this Muniz and SCOTUS etc… stuff. Not here to read how anyone life sucks due to being on the registery. We all dont want to here “my life sucks I cant be happy and wife and kids, no job, no nothing and please help me oh god I am screwed” that to me is pathitic and get off the couch and get a job somewhere anywhere walk it if you have too. Blah blah blah. I do love to read info on SCOTUS, Muniz etc… stuff. Yes, by July of 2018 would be a great day to see whats really going on. Days are shorter now since we are now in the fall. Winter will only be over. Then by spring we should all know more on the direct answer about what is going on in this whole Muniz etc… relax and enjoy yourselfs and get some coffee and smoke that cigarettes. Take care of your family and life. Getting off the registry will come soon enough.