Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Some days I am outgoing others not so much I really try not to dwell on things really, just when they start announcing all this stuff it just bugs me. I would say for the past several years before SORNA or so It’s been like not even being on the registery, then once I was close to getting off they passed the AWA in PA that’s when it really started messing with me, then the Sandusky case really bothered me, everyone is different in the way they feel I guess, tomorrow I won’t even think about it and for the next two or three months I won’t even think about it, it’s just when all this publicity starts up that’s when it starts bugging me so no I don’t stress day in day out about it if that makes any sense to you. I have a wife, job, friends, a very large family that accepts me and is very supportive, We do go out and celebrate all the holidays including Halloween, we eat out, go bowing all the normal things in life so I don’t hide if that’s what your thinking. there are some aholes in my neighborhood that try and put fear into me, I go out and do my yard work and they stare so I stare back. but I tell you what I’m not violent but I will defend myself if I need to and do anything to protect my wife and my family if it came down to it.