Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Brian

All my friends and people I deal with on a consistent basis knows my status so I don’t think about it. Then, I meet someone new and they are SHOCKED I am on the registry bd side I am very outgoing once I get to know someone.
It ducks like hell we have the registry but I am not gojng to let that stop living my life. Yes, my life would be different if I wasn’t on the registry but I can still have friends, romantic partners, and a all around fulfilling life. To those who hate just becuase I am on the registry, you guys need to grow up and learn some maturity.Every now and then I have someone who tried to embarrass me by “announcing” my status. Dude, move on if all you can do is hate. I have people who constantly check my registration to make sure it is up to date. The biggest predictor of life is not what happens “to you” but what you do about it.
I have a friend who is on the registry and his whole attitude is “my life is over”. He won’t leave his house unless he absolutely had to.
I tell them say hello to people. Smile. If they have an issue with you being alive, move on to the next person. Depression is a terrible thing. I went through it when I was first arrested and when I got a divorce. No matter what happens, no matter who enters or leaves your love. until it’s iver, life goes on. I can’t wait to get my CPA License and prove all the haters wrong. That is what keeps me going. Also it is important to lean on someone who at least will be stmpstheic to your issue. I tell my best friend every day, it’s sucks having a felony. It sucks being on the registry. He says I know keep the end goal in mind.
You know what hurts the most when you are talking to a female and you are both enjoying each other’s company, and then you tell her and she has the look of fear in her eyes. My wife didn’t do that. Neither did my ex in laws. The first thing my mother in law said was “So what?” So you won’t be the babysitter anytime soon. No big deal.
My point being is you are lucky your wife supports you. Lean on her when it gets hard to keep on moving!!!Also reach out on forums like these where other sex offenders can talk with you. I check this forum regularly, if you ever need to talk just leave me a message. Sometimes just talking to someone gojng through the same issues helps.