Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct


Tony from Long Island,

““It’s part of the sentence” does not require further explanation. It’s pretty self-explanatory”

People like to put aside the draconian conditions of parole/probation by saying “its part of your punishment”. If conditions can and have been ‘modified’ then they have no reason to even exist as conditions in the first place.
Probation officers like to use LAME excuses as to why I can’t go shopping at a mall; “What if there’s a bunch of young girls hanging out and they don’t look their ages”. Pardon me Mr Probation Officer Person, but does the probation department have it in their minds that I’ve never been shopping at a mall in my entire life time? Do you think I’ve never SEEN ‘kids’ or teenagers in my lifetime?
I hooked up with a teenage girl as a way to boost my own ego and self esteem after a divorce. I don’t go around trying to get with teenagers in my every day life.
One of the biggest lies the probation dept and/or SO treatment group leaders say is that they want to know WHAT caused you to offend and they base their assessment of you on that. BULLSH*T!
When you tell them WHY/WHAT caused you to offend, they tell you “You’re using excuses and minimizing the offense” to which I reply; “Then STFU and stop asking me if you’re not going to accept the answer.” Thankfully, I’m done with those ridiculous money grubbing ‘group’ sessions.

Someone else here said that if they drove drunk ONE time, does that make them a drinker/drunk/alcoholic, no, it doesn’t. If you picked up a cigarette ONCE in your life and tried it and never did it again, does that make you a “smoker”? No, it doesn’t.
And I am NOT a “sex offender”. And i am pretty sure that pretty much everyone here are not sex offenders.

So telling us we can’t go to a mall or a movie and using LAME EXCUSES for it makes NO SENSE since this ‘punishment’ eventually ends and we’re STILL felons when probation ends. Nothing changes that. But suddenly…..we can go to a mall! Oh my gosh! Well look at that. No more being given stupid reasons why we can’t go to the mall. All of a sudden our money is just as green as everyone else who’s going shopping. Wow!