Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Chuck that makes makes sense and sound logical, thank you for the brake down of everything, that brings my confidence up a lot.
@ Terry Brunson
Thank you for your explanation as well, yes there is always doubt in the back of my mind as I always see things both ways but what you and check say makes a lot of sense and makes things more understandable, fearful no not at all, I am just sick of being on the registery, yes it’s been many years but with all this coming down just makes me anxious to get to the finish line sooner then later. All this media coverage with these sexual harassment claims and whatnot do stress me a little bit even though it has nothing to do with me it just makes me feel like everyone is looking at me when in fact I know their not, it just something I can’t overcome, it’s been like that for a long time but hey that’s just me though.