Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct



I actually have to give Robin a high five for that word ….Efficiney. Now Tony wants to agree and maestro wants to disagree with this probation, parole law. Now I was never into the star trek thing, or the beam me up scoty thing, but I was more into night court. I’m sure some of you all remember that TV show back in the early 90’s. Believe it or not I was more interested in law and justice things. Parole has its good merits’ and probation has its walk the chalk system but this sex registry seems for life
I would say its like apples and oranges but one of the main things is we are all here for a sex offense charge. Appears things have gotten that bad or a bit out of line. We all make mistakes and even police , government and even human beings and sometimes its better to take wrong than right but than you can also say two wrongs don’t make a right maestro.
Tony you have a point and Chris has a point, even gonzo agree’s with maestro. Now here’s the point I believe everyone is seems to want to get a hold on and understand better is this sex registry thing. Maestro, you have a good point also but the thing is we all need to work together. Hey I’m nobody myself but with God your somebody. Ain’t nothin wrong with a little bit of faith.
Sometimes we have to think of others better than ourselves, isn’t that what NARSOL is doing? Sure we can all breakdown and cry just like I did the other night but we all have to stand talk. Their is a reason for all seasons. You people on here are not that bad.
Sure they are going to believe that boy or girl you touched or that person one was talking to but here’s the thing, who know’s the thoughts of man and when someone pulls the wool over someone’s eyes that’s another matter entirely and believe it or not even government wants to be right just as the people want to be right. Sure feedback is good and that’s why NARSOL is good understand about this. Now I know everybody on here has words about all this sex stuff but keep them under your hat for the right opportunity comes along to speak out and we all still have free speech.
Actually I give all you all a high five on here as your helping your neighbor in a way and that’s good.