Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Brian
SCOTUS is not like every other Appeals court. They only get involved if they need to. If they feel as though the lower court’s decision does not conflict with their past decisions and there is not a circuit split ( each circuit ruling the opposite way) they do not get involved. That is why it is so hard to get a hearing in front of SCOTUS. Their job is too mainly make sure the constitution is being followed (as they interpret it) and that the many circuit courts do not contradict each other. Actually, the only high percentage way to get a hearing is to show that at least 2 circuit courts have contradicted each other. They love resolving circuit splits. Anything is “possible” but no way would I put money on ANY petitioner getting a hearing. That goes even if it was reversed and we were asking for review. Odds are, the side asking for review is the side that has the odds against them. Not always, but usually.
It’s like the rule in 21, you ALWAYS double down on 11 because you cannot bust. No way does that mean you will win, it just means its the one hand that assuming only one hit, ALL high cards help you. you have to draw a 5 or lower to get a “bad hand”.