Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian

The SCOTUS has a track run to look back on dealing with SORNA retroactive application –
a Certorai Petition is a 1% long shot to even get herd. . . . . Freed is only doing a cert has a delay tactic hoping some will think they don’t have to comply and charge them with a new crime …… It is important to stay in compliance until the end. . . . . . until a Court mandate returns.

Freed will find that five states have gone at this ahead of him. . . . . . and the result was not favorable. . . All were denied a hearing. . . . . . . Freed has nothing new to tell the SCOTUS on SORNA that the other states tried to tell the SCOTUS. . . . . The SCOTUS is not trying to get into this fight because they know what the stakes are if they rule . . . . SORNA to the SCOTUS is a state issue that states want the SCOTUS to weigh in on – BUT THEY WON”T.

It seems as if you are doubtful or fearful in this fight. I say to you. Look at the victories of the pass to see the victory of the future. Knowledge dispels fear and doubt.

Freed has filed – and the SCOTUS will give him all the delay time due to the docket run for conference schedules and request for extensions – but when time come to accept a hearing date for oral arguments. . . the SCOTUS will show Freed the death sign as it did with Alaska – Maryland – Ohio – Indiana – Michigan – Synder v Doe and North Carolina in a face-book case of Packingham v. North Carolina; . . . . . . .

Brian the deck is stacked against the government. . . . and is support of your rights and you are getting cold feet asking what if the SCOTUS will accept Freed’s Cert????? It will not happen.. You can sleep quiet on that…… The SCOTUS is very easy to show where they stand on this. . . .

Look back at Alaska – Maryland – Ohio – Indiana – Michigan – Synder v Doe and North Carolina in its face-book case of Packingham v. North Carolina; . . . . . . . NEXT UP Pennsylvanian OR SHOULD i SAY . next TO BE PUT DOWN……… Brian be of good cheer…. others have overcome for you… YOU NEED TO RELAX AND ENJOY THE RIDE. . . . . on the bus of V I C T O R Y / / / / / / / / from your friend Terry Brunson