Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct


Tony from Long Island,

Thanks for the class on Probation and Parole 101. Gee wiz, I had no idea 🤦🏻‍♂️
I have never been on parole and I don’t like to speak on it. But I have been and am currently on PROBATION. And I don’t give a damn what they SAY, I want a REASON for it.

“Don’t go to a park”
“Why not? What’s the difference if I go jog or walk my dog in a park NOW or when probation is over? Please EXPLAIN THE SAFETY CONCERN, SIR.”

Thank you.

P.S. “it’s part of your sentence” is the typical comeback from damn near everyone with NO EXPLANATION for my question regarding SAFETY CONCERNS. So simply repeating that it’s a part of your sentence with its conditions is NOT an answer. It’s a cop out that kisses up to them….as they want us to.
So explain to me how I am a threat to the safety of the public while I’m ON probation but the same superhero probation officers don’t give a damn AFTER we complete probation. And what exactly IS the idea of completing probation successfully? Just to be able to say you can take a direct order to not wear a red tie if they demand that you do not wear a red tie while on probation? Spare me.