Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct



Thank you for understanding my point.
When I got out of my 2 yr prison stint, I returned to my hometown. I got a job at a restaurant that has a bar (other than Friendly’s, what restaurant DOESN’T have a bar?) and probation violated me for that. I beat the violation in court but ended up homeless because the 22 days I was locked up going to court, I lost my job and my apartment. So I finally moved to a different county (because I couldn’t stand the probation supervisor of my home town) and guess where I found work? At a restaurant with a very happening bar and live entertainment. And this new probation office didn’t bat an eye about it. In fact, my PO would come in during his lunch break (the typical slick ‘checking in’ of his client) because the restaurant is 1 block from the probation office.
But that doesn’t mean that any probation officers are our friends. They WILL TRY to find sh*t to violate us for and THAT IS NOT FAIR.