Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


…by your last post directed to me it seems you assume that I do not share my RSO status with employers. It also seems you assume that employers, regardless of how appreciative or understanding they may be or appear to be, they will support an RSO (if it has worked for you differently, great! I believe you are in the minority of such). Ultimately an employer will protect their interest (or that of their business) when push comes to shove. If people (customers, neighbors, etc.) press the issue (a little or a lot, does not matter) often the outcome is going to be my jobless situation and/or what I am struggling with. I was sharing my situation in the spirit of finding/hearing insight to possible solutions. I was not looking for criticism or assumptions to my character of any kind.

Again, you have written about your negative past experiences, but you seem to miss the point of my concern/pain. …and NO I do not take jobs (knowingly) that involve working with or around children of any age under 18 for obvious reasons. I am an RSO and considered a monster by the public so, I have not on purpose done anything to set me up/expose me to fail…for almost 15 years (sometimes, I do not even know how I have made it this far)! Society and its laws have done plenty already for me & others on that regard of setting people up for failure.

Seems you might have to go on without me (not like it matters!) if you do form some group to challenge PA SORNA or for a class action lawsuit for awards, but that is how quickly life’s events changes on people. I will have pressing matters to attend to in the near future so, I wish everyone well and thank you to NARSOL and all involved in a better & productive future for RSO’s.
I am signing off officially!