Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct


Tony from Long Island,

When you support the idea of parole and probation, you also support the idea of the registry.
You can’t say abolish the registry and also say that *some* people might deserve to be on it.
Regardless of being on parole or probation, the fact remains that you are now out in the *free* world and should be able to carry on with your every day life.
I’m not even interested in arguing about ‘parole’ but when it comes to the word ‘probation’, that seems to me like the court is saying;
“We’re going to give you a shorter prison term and let you out and allow you to prove yourself to function in society”
You can’t PROVE ANYTHING when you’re NOT ALLOWED to do anything.
Probation officers’ arguments are null and void when they say “What if there’s kids around?” Because the logical comeback that stumps them to give a reasonable answer is; “What about when I’m off probation? Aren’t I still a convicted felon of a sexual offense?”

Buuuuuuut, people here, from my previous comments on this topic, seem to like to kiss up to the idea of probation being what it is rather than what it should be.
Just keep in mind that probation is the reason for a lot of homelessness across the country in regards to sex offenders because they determine if you can live with a relative or not based on where or with whom that relative lives.