Reply To: NARSOL files amicus brief in premises case before Illinois Sup Ct



Wow talk about Karma. For the last three or for days I had some sort of spiritual breakdown. Sure I’ve cried and I really didn’t know why but actually even with something like sexual sexual situations’ or encounters that people are going thru. weather something of a physical nature, hands on nature, or some sexting situation it does seem to play on one’s head.
Now for me I seem to talk about Christian things on here at times. My sister which is my church chaperone to go to church at times she doesn’t even like to go to church, I can’t force here. A lot of people don’t know or understand some of the restrictions that we have.
Now I see nothing wrong with walking one’s dot in the park, I don’t care if your a sex offender, a transvestite or a brother Louie, the main thing is honesty.
Sure I like to obey the law as anyone else but sometimes one has to say, what’s wrong with this picture? Man made ordinance’s like this are a bit too much. Its much in the line of the last article on here.. You see man has more or less in some ways always wanted to be in control. Are we still in a revolution? or should we all take a stand for those. Yes I came from the Martin Luther king Jr. days to. and I didn’t even understand to much about revolution at the time or John Lennon but a lot of this whole sex stuff is really opening up a can of worms on some of these things.