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Hi Chuck!

@terry brunson
Good to hear/read from you again!

@Moderators & Web Masters
Thank you for the work you do to keep the site (…and people when needed) in some sort of order!

No Brian, things are not well in our Country or for me currently (though they are worst somewhere else in the World is often the counter response often made). I am behind on my Child Support, DRS is trying to hold me in contempt of court order and issue a bench warrant for my arrest. I can not find steady employment and when I have, it has always been a problem once someone finds my RSO status. Domestic Relation and/or Courts do not care of those facts. They have other facts & purposes and to them I am a criminal because I can not produce $3000 out of thin air to pay all I owe as if I do not want to take care of my children financially.

If I could like I was able to when I did have a good paying job it would have been done without the need of government telling me or threatening me with jail. I am so stressed! I can not sleep or eat well and I know the PSP would love for me to have any legal trouble to then point, judge & say “there,there, see! You are a monster getting into trouble” and then “you are not compliant with something”. I have no money for legal support (who the heck in our situation does typically???) and the Pro Bono’s in my area of residence or the County where the order is in force do not work on Family Law involving support cases. So I am pretty much screwed!!! I applied for SSI/SSD benefits yesterday since I do have medical conditions/disabilities caused during my military service and also after discharge that I have never pursued to request any benefits for before (I have always worked), but the lady Compliance Officer at DRS does not seem to care at all. …I get it, she is just doing her job. (…all too well!)

Anyhow, my problem and not anybody else’s so, oh well! Everyone has problems to worry about somehow or in someway. I have spent a great deal of my past few days on constant phone calls trying to look for a solution to my problem. Have not gotten any solution unfortunately.

Good night to everyone and I do wish all a better day! 🙂