Reply To: “A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid


In WA state, I ran into a dark apartment at 3 am because a woman cried for help. 10 minutes later the Sheriff Deputy arrived. Placed me in hand cuffs and I was arrested for Rape!!! He said at trial that the woman identified me, a fact she denied on the witness stand 6 times! But, unfortunately, Sex Offenses in WA courts are “Guilty until proven Innocent”. I served 14 years for a crime I didn’t commit. The DNA collected from her fingernails(she said she bit and scratched her attacker) was never tested, even after numerous pleas from me to do so. I am now required to register and cannot leave the county unless approved by a Community Corrections Officer. If I want to leave WA, THEY have to approve where I go and the state I move to MUST continue to monitor me based on WA state rules! This system MUST be overturned. Is there no Lawyer who has the guts to challenge this obvious breach of civil rights?